Spoiler: it didn’t end well for him

First it was the women who posted her need for marijuana on Twitter only to be busted by West Palm Beach Florida police. Now in another odd tech crime, Floridian Christopher Caldwell, 36, thought he finally found a practical use for Hammer pants, made popular by 1990s rapper M.C. Hammer, which offers a generous amount of room down south—where junks reside.


He tried to hide a PlayStation 4 console in those pants while shopping at a Port St. Lucie Walmart.

Think about it: the console comes in a box that measures 18.8 inches long, 13.4 inches and 4.2 inches thick. That’s about 9.2 pounds of metal that is sharing his junk’s precious space. Upon realising that there is still enough space for more goodies, he also decided to stuff a few accessories in there too, and tried to walk out of the store as casually as possible. To no one’s surprise, he was stopped by the security guard who saw the entire incident, and is now being charged for felony grand theft.

Crime does not pay, guys. Especially when said crime involves wearing Hammer pants.

By Chan Khee Hoon