A Florida woman looking for one of her Twitter followers to bring her weed got an unexpected response from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Apparently desperate for a pick-me-up, @Rosa_Sparkz (Sparkz as in “spark up that blunt,” she tweets) asked someone to make a special delivery for her, punctuated with a distraught emoji.
It’s not clear if any of her friends or followers ever helped her out with that request, but what she did get was a reply from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office: “Where should we meet you?”

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That snarky response has been retweeted more than 35,000 times and since then the Twitter feed for “Sparkz” has been lighting up with retweets, mentions and follows. It’s also sparked some debate online, with some wondering if maybe PBSO should focus their efforts on violent offenders and not young adults looking to get high, while others applaud the deputies for their clever quip.

Though many in her position would delete the tweet, “Sparkz” has kept hers up and even said she’d take PBSO up on their offer — as long as what they bring is better than mid-grade.

Article By: Staff