Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Gaydar Alert: This Algorithm Can Accurately Detects One’s Sexuality

WTF: This new computer algorithm that can correctly determine if your gay. Traditional News (R.I.P): Guess where people now go to for breaking news. Why own a car or a home...

Polls Confirm: We The People Love Sextin’

The effects of technology on sex, people love sexting globally. #Damn, California says 'Hell to the No' regarding drones delivering cannabis. T-Mobile & Sprint merger talk round 3. Marshawn Lynch goes...


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Apple Is Hiring a Psychologist To Help Siri Have ‘Serious Conversations’

  Apple is on the hunt for a Siri software engineer with a background in counselling or psychology, according to a job listing spotted by CNBC's Christina Farr. The...